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How is OR different from other review tools?

Original Review (OR) stands alone as the only in-restaurant review technology to provide real-time feedback at the table, at the time of payment processing. OR is also the only online review monitoring and management tool that instantly populates your ADMIN site, in the “cloud”, simultaneously populating your dashboard and updating analytics.  And because it’s real-time the manager will be notified immediately via phone or text if there was a problem, allowing the opportunity to resolve the situation before the customer leaves the restaurant.  OR is both an operational tool and a marketing tool, allowing better management and smarter marketing.

How does OR impact sales?

OR impacts sales every day, in a variety of ways. Addressing problems immediately means better client retention. Preventing negative or fake online reviews means building reputation. Adding questions about new dishes or other initiatives means instant feedback on what works, and therefore more creativity with less risk. Keeping tabs on specific diners means customizing experiences and adding unique value to your restaurant. Gauging the daily effectiveness of your business means opportunities to encourage staff and continually improve. Accurate data means better marketing to new diners. Expanded survey numbers means an immediate, exponential increase of database and data points. And a database that combines customer reviews with contacts means targeted promotions become a piece of cake.

How much does it cost to onboard? Do I have to purchase a special device?

See our Pricing page. We know what it’s like to run a business, so we keep costs economical. You may or may not need to purchase additional devices, depending on what you already own. Original Review collects each at-table diner review from a handheld Android tablet, mounted into a check presenter.  Results are web-based so you can see your dashboards on any internet browser, anytime, anywhere.  Additionally there is a no-charge ADMIN app for your smart device (Android or iOS) where you can also view your reviews and dashboards.

How long will it take to get used to the new system?

Not long at all. OR was designed by restaurant and technology professionals to be supremely simple for restauranteurs and customers. It should fit seamlessly into your existing daily operations. The handheld review device (any Android) can slip into the check holder, the review takes a few moments while the customer is paying the check, and results are instantly available for you to view from any device the moment you wish.

Can I try a demo?

Absolutely. Give our tool a free test drive by signing up on our Demo page.

What if I have multiple locations?

Special pricing is provided for multi-site locations.

Are all the review questions preset?

There are 4 preset questions, based on market research. There is also an option to add up to two more “custom” questions of your own. OR comes with four preset, 5-star rating questions. They are brief, general, and applicable to any dining context. They ask about satisfaction with food, service, atmosphere, and value. You can also add up to two customized questions you generate yourself. (You may want to measure the success of specific dishes, promotions, or live music events, for example.) Our goal is to keep the review simple for you and quick for your diners, while maximizing the efficiency of results.

What can I do with my customer data?

Customer data on your dashboard includes reviews, a contact information database, and rating comparisons. You can respond immediately to turn a negative experience around, ask follow-up questions, thank a customer for a great review, encourage an employee, inform your team, or further customize your in-person responses to build relationships. You can analyze operations by watching how the data changes over a period of time, for example, on what days of the week, or with which servers customers tend to answer questions differently. You can also post reviews to social media sites of your choice, and use your database when it’s time to send customized promotional campaigns.

Can employees leave feedback, too?

No, OR is dedicated to receiving customer feedback.

How long is my review data stored?

Customer reviews instantly populate the customer-facing review site, where they remain as long as your review site is operational.

What if a diner doesn’t want to leave a review?

With such a quick and simple format, most diners will want to leave a review. But it is optional. Providing contact information at the end of the review is also optional. This means that if diners do leave contact information, they are looking forward to receiving more contact from you, not dreading spam.

How do I get notified of an unhappy customer? Are there instant alerts?

Yes, there are instant, real-time alerts if a customer is unhappy. You configure the threshold where you want to receive an alert (i.e. 3 or less stars) as well as the email (or text) where you want the alert to appear. When the “bad” review is submitted an immediate email (or text) will be sent indicating the server, table, and the reason for the bad review, so you can take immediate action.

How do I log into my account?

Original Review provides a unique login to the ADMIN site, accessible via any internet web browser. The ADMIN site is accessed via and clicking on the Restaurant Login tab.

What if I have further questions, or need customer service?

Call us at any time at 888.729.2271, or feel free to submit a form to request more information or obtain support.

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