Company will unveil its initial product at NRA Show 2016 in May

Dallas, TX – April 5, 2016 – Original Review, a customer insight solutions company, today announced that it has raised initial funding from private investors to develop and market the first customer insight platform for restaurants to gather real-time feedback from customers while they are in the restaurant, or “at the origin”. Original Review’s first-of-its-kind solution addresses three key challenges facing restaurants of all types and sizes: real-time feedback on food and service, external reviews that are real and plentiful, and customer engagement. The OR Customer Insight Platform will be officially unveiled at the NRA Show 2016, hosted by the National Restaurant Association, in Chicago, May 21-24th.

“Original Review is the result of my being in the restaurant business for over 30 years and wanting to translate customers’ feedback and dining experiences into short- and long-term value,” said Frederick Lightbourn, Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer. “I was getting insightful feedback from customers and had no real way to capture or record what they were saying. OR changes that by providing real-time data that is immediately actionable and measurable over time.”

Lightbourn has been Beta testing the OR Customer Insight Platform in his restaurant in the Bahamas for the past three months, and has already seen the benefits – both in real-time feedback from customers that is helping him fine-tune his service, as well as in accumulating more than 1,000 reviews from customers for others to see. The OR Customer Insight Platform is also being beta tested at 13 additional restaurants, including 2 other restaurants in the Bahamas, 1 in Dallas, 5 in Oklahoma City, and 5 in Memphis

“Original Review empowers restaurant owners and managers by ‘giving them a virtual seat at every table’ through real-time, actionable insights,” said Debra Lukacsko, Co – Founder and CEO. “We are transforming immediate, in-restaurant customer feedback into valuable operational and marketing data that has the potential to optimize revenues, brand and customer experience.”

Real-time customer feedback will save lost business for restaurant owners and managers who are responsive. In a recent survey conducted by Original Review of more than 500 consumers who actively use review sites:

  • 93% of the respondents said they stopped visiting a restaurant because of one bad experience with the food
  • 90% of the respondents agreed that they would be likely to return to a restaurant where they had a bad experience if they were able to communicate directly with management and felt their concerns were taken seriously

With Original Review, restaurant owners and managers will have the ability to know exactly what their customers are thinking and feeling in real-time, enabling them to correct any customer issues immediately or provide positive feedback to servers, while also gathering customer contact information and numerous reviews that will be posted and available to all consumers at


Original Review is a customer insight solutions company that is developing the first customer insight platform for restaurants to gather real-time customer feedback at “the origin”, enabling better service, better marketing and greater transparency on a daily basis. With the OR Customer Insight Platform, restaurant owners and managers get a turnkey solution that transforms in-restaurant feedback into valuable operational and marketing data, for any size restaurant or franchise. To learn more, visit

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