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Think nothing’s easy in restaurant management? Think again.

Most of what you tackle every day requires patience, people skills, foresight, fortitude, wisdom, industry savvy, a lot of energy, and probably a few cups of coffee. But within all that hard work, what if there were an easy solution to make your time and efforts more informed, efficient, and effective? What if you could solve restaurant problems with more day-to-day control over your business and your brand?

Real-time Reviews: the Easy Button to Solve Restaurant Problems

It all starts with you, of course. Solving restaurant problems relies on healthy relational and operational foundations. If your leadership is off track, no technology in the world can fix it for you. Real-time reviews aren’t magic. They’re a unique tool that allows you access to the real heart of your business’s success, all day, every day by telling you exactly how you’re faring with customers.

Here’s how Original Review works.

Say goodbye to guessing

Your success depends on customer experience. If you knew what customers were thinking every day, your ability to assess the menu, operations, and service would skyrocket. That’s exactly what real-time reviews do. No more waiting on sales reports, or for reviews from Yelp to trickle in, to know how you’re doing. No more guessing.

Original Review’s customer feedback platform comes preloaded with a few quick review questions presented to diners with every check, to analyze service, atmosphere, food quality, and overall experience. Our clients gain dozens, even hundreds, of reviews a day. And you can add up to two customized questions of your own, to test things like seasonal menu items, music, parking, and other amenities. All reviews automatically populate your own secure review site (no fakes!) and upload to an owner/manager dashboard, where they translate instantly into easy-to-read analytics so that you can stay informed, seeing where you’re absolutely killing it, and where you need to improve.

Say goodbye to walk-outs

Original Review also gives you the option of setting customizable alerts, so that you know the moment a customer leaves a poor review. What constitutes a poor review? You decide that, too. Only you can know what you’re assessing and what your specific restaurant goals are. The moment you receive only one, two, or three stars out of five—whatever you determine is your threshold—OR connects the review to the table it came from, allowing you to see to your unsatisfied customers before they walk out the door, pinpoint problems, mend ties, and make relationships.

Control your business, control your image.

Turn mistakes into opportunities

One of the greatest moments for a restaurant is when something goes wrong. Really! A dish isn’t cooked properly. A staff member is perceived as rude. The HVAC has half your restaurant freezing. In these moments, something has to change. But applying action instead of reaction, turning problems around quickly, and including a personal touch almost always turn mistakes into learning moments and new relationships.

The day-to-day life of a restaurant is already fast-paced and stressful. And you can’t be everywhere at once. Original Review is designed to make unplanned “opportunity” moments easier to turn around. Review alerts give you the chance to take time out and solve problems face-to-face rather than hear about it later on another review site, through the staff grapevine, or in the budget. Customers appreciate the attention of a manager or owner, and both customers and staff respond positively to a caring initiative.

Get your menu right

One of your biggest challenges is knowing whether your menu is hitting the spot. To get your menu right, you need more than the right chef, vendors, and inventory. You need customer feedback. If they’re not picking up what you’re putting down, it doesn’t matter how much of a Michelin genius you are. Something’s not translating. And if you are doing well, customer feedback helps you know how to stay on track.

Finally, if you want your business to stand out, branching out and taking risks is vital to restaurant growth. Original Review’s platform lets you experiment with new items without as great a risk since you receive the reviews you need right away to assess whether you’re heading in the right direction. You may even want to compare menu results over the course of a single day, as menu options vary between breakfast, brunch, lunch, happy hour, and dinner. In short, feedback on your menu is just plain good for business.

Don’t stay the same

Last but not least, what better way to improve than honest feedback? It’s not all about catching problems in the moment. Persistent trouble spots recorded on a review site and dashboard help you track where you need to step up your game systemically. Maybe your staff is struggling with a new scheduling system, affecting performance or morale. Maybe a lack of gluten-free options is keeping a health-conscious community from enjoying brunch. Maybe your food is too inventive for your audience, or not inventive enough. Maybe your inventory system needs an update, or your dishwasher needs repaired. All of your biggest restaurant problems are going to eventually come out in customer reviews.

A restaurant is an intimate atmosphere, and a highly integrated system, which is part of what makes the business so exciting and addictive. Real-time customer reviews give you priceless insight into every aspect of your business. And when they’re coming at you all day, every day, you’re never out of touch.

Designed by restaurateurs, for restaurateurs, Original Review offers the only review platform that does this for you. When you’re ready to revolutionize your restaurant and learn more, sign up for your free demo today.

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