4 Simple Questions for Better Restaurant Reviews

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Restaurant reviews can be complicated to track and manage. But do they have to be? It is, after all, a simple concept. You provide food, atmosphere, and service and customers leave feedback. The feedback gives potential diners a picture of your restaurant, and you get free publicity and helpful information. But let’s be real. That’s how it’s supposed to work. In real life, you’re juggling multiple platforms, sorting real reviews from fake, addressing negative reviews sometimes long after the fact, and wrestling with review site customer service. Then there’s the data. What are you supposed to do with it? And who has the time?

4 Simple Questions for Better Restaurant Reviews

This is where OR comes in. We got restaurateurs together with tech wizards to create a restaurant review platform that actually works for restaurants.

Unlike other platforms, we collect in-house reviews to give you immediate and actionable insight. This means better service for today’s diners and smarter marketing for tomorrow’s.

How do we do it? Simple. Original Review asks 4 simple questions, every day, each time a customer pays a check. We ask the basic questions about service, food, atmosphere, and value, and can include up to two customized questions of your own. A secure dashboard also collects the data, organizes it, and gives it back to you in reader-friendly format, letting you track restaurant progress in real time and share it online. This builds a huge base of customer feedback and real reviews that actually work for you.

The concept of feedback is simple. And when it’s executed correctly, it’s powerful. A simple survey has the power to transform your restaurant operations. Let’s look at 4 ways 4 simple questions can effect real and lasting change.

1- Immediate insight

How many times do you wish you knew what customers were thinking? Maybe this takes the form of wishing you knew how you could better present a new menu item, whether you should adjust your hours, or why peak times aren’t as busy as you’d like. Maybe it has to do with assessing the performance of new hires. There are a thousand reasons and more that knowing what diners are thinking is a gold mine.

With OR, instead of waiting for customers to review online, or for the serendipitous emails or comment cards from thoughtful diners, you’re collecting insight from every table before diners are even done paying. This means you don’t have to wait to know what customers are thinking. With customized review questions, you can even know right away how they react to a new initiative or idea, or about preferences they may have that you’ve not even thought of.

2- Actionable insight

If asking questions means getting inside your customers’ minds, it also means you’re learning right away what you’re doing well and what you need to do better, from food preparation to restroom stocking.

Use your insight to praise servers, chefs, clean-up crew, and food prep artists who are doing a stellar job. Apply insights in the other direction as well. OR gives you the option of setting up automatic alerts every time a customer leaves a review that falls below a certain number of stars. As soon as a diner says, “The prime rib was cold” or “My server was rude,” you can be on the scene to investigate, make amends, and build that relationship. No hoping they post a review while also hoping they are kind and fair in the process. No waiting to resolve issues. OR’s 4 questions give you immediate and proactive insight for acting on service and operations.

3 – Big picture

OR isn’t just for everyday management. It’s also invaluable when it’s time to step back and analyze for the future. A constant and reliable flow of feedback builds you a killer database for investigating long-term problems, assessing big-picture questions, and planning systemic improvements. Negative and positive reviews give you scope for daily decisions: where to spend your time, where to praise, and where to improve. These form patterns over time, leading you to more expansive, long-term insights.

If you’re consistently struggling with certain menu items, for example, maybe you need to adjust marketing for a different audience. Maybe a renovation will lead to a much-needed atmosphere improvement. OR keeps your data organized and manageable, even over years, so that you can track your progress and get traction with changes.

Your restaurant is built on two pillars: your unique vision for food experience and whether you’re succeeding in everyday service. Original Review brings these goals together.

4 – Reputation control

Taking the initiative to ask questions means you’re already starting on the right foot in managing and building your reputation. Now you can go a step further.

First, the massive base of customer feedback you gain with OR offers great insight into what attracts your customers and makes them happy. This turns into valuable currency for marketing. Also, one of the number one ways restaurants market themselves effectively is through connecting with their community and becoming known as a go-to spot in their own niche. Knowing and owning that niche, and within the context of a particular location, begins with relationships, asking questions, and learning.

Finally, reputation can be a fragile thing, especially for new restaurants. It can be a deal breaker for the life of your business. This is what makes online reviews potentially powerful but also so perilous. Potential customers access your OR customer reviews through a social media app you make accessible through your web page—no fakes, no filters. And when better insight nurtures everyday operations, you can reduce or eliminate negative reviews from other platforms.

Our clients agree: 4 simple questions can really rock your restaurant’s world. Take the guesswork out of development and put reputation-control back in your hands.

Request a free demo of Original Review today. We can’t wait to help you grow!

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